Year Wheel Full Pennant Set


Designed for display at each of the solar holidays (Solstices and Equinoxes, etc) these will fit on a flag pole outside your house, in your window or on a wall, for festive cheer and remembering our Celtic roots! Based on the Goddess traditions of Europe. These are much smaller versions of pennants for all eight holidays. Not sewn on a string, but a string is included for you to use.

The Wheel of the Year in the Celtic Goddess tradition is comprised of eight solar holidays or Sabbats (same as Sabbath), four major ones (the solstices and equinoxes) and four secondary, referred to as the cross-quarters. (This refers to the Northern Hemisphere, they are reversed in the South.)

15" x 17" each

Rayon Batik


  • Model: FST4
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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