White Willow Bark


The bark of the white willow tree contains salicin, an analgesic compound from which from which salicylic acid and later acetylsalicylic acid (otherwise known as aspirin) were derived. Today, herbalists recommend white willow bark for headache, fever, arthritis, and other disorders characterized by pain and inflammation, including heart disease.

White willow bark herb contains the same salicylates used in aspirin, but in a less concentrated form. Although aspirin works faster, white willow may be a better choice for those who get stomachaches from aspirin or who are treating chronic pain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Low dose aspirin are now recommended to prevent heart attack. Aspirin thins the blood, which can help prevent blood clots that cause heart attack and stroke. Drinking willow bark as a tea may have the same effect, without increasing the risk of stomach bleeding and ulcers. White willow can also suppress inflammation and uterine cramping caused by prostaglandins.

Like aspirin, white willow may help reduce the risk of stomach and colon cancer. In one study it was also shown to help reduce blood sugar.

If you use White Willow Bark Herb in your rituals and spells, use it specifically for Moon rituals, Water, Healing, Binding, Bring Blessings of the moon into ones life.

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