Scrying Goddess Necklace


The Scrying Goddess Necklace is a beautiful Moon Goddess pendant made of fine lead free pewter. On the back is a 30mm cab of Black Onyx.

This powerful Scrying Goddess Necklace is best suited for when you are performing divination such as crystal ball gazing and scrying. It will augment your own energies as you work the crystal ball or scrying mirror drawing on your energies and the crystal ball or scrying mirror's energies.

For more experiences individuals who are good at divination, you can use the scrying disk necklace as a "quick" and "mobile" divination tool. Wear it around your neck and when you wish to use it when you are away from your regular divination tools, perform a quick spell over the pentacle necklace and use it's reflective surface to gain the knowledge you seek.

Scrying Goddess Necklace Specifications:

Made from lead free pewter

Comes with black satin cord

  • Model: JSGOD
  • Shipping Weight: 0.09lbs

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