Ritual Bath Supplies

The main purpose behind ritual bathing, and using ritual bath salts and other ritual based oils and magick colognes, is to ensure negativity and other unwanted influences are purged from the aura and spirit before a ritual is performed to ensure good energy is put forth into it. This is why it is always best to have ritual bath supplies on hand. Ritual bathing is a feature of many religions but very prominent among wicca, paganism, and occult followings. The aim of these rituals is to remove specifically defined uncleanliness prior to a particular type of activity, and especially prior to the worship of a deity. This ritual uncleanliness is not however identical with ordinary physical impurity, such as dirt stains; nevertheless, all body fluids are generally considered ritually unclean, and some religions have special treatment of semen and menses, which are viewed as particularly unclean.