Mullein contains a considerable quantity of flavonoids, tannins, glucidic substances, and because of that it has expectorant, emollient, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antihistaminic and calming effects. Because of its expectorant effects, mullein flowers can be used in treating bronchitis and coughing.

Tea made from mullein flowers in combination with mallow flowers, lime, coltís foot leaves and plantain are a good treatment against hoarseness. The plant can also be used in stomachaches, intestine inflammations and in bladder dysfunctions. Mullein decoct made of mullein flowers are known for having good results in treating hemorrhoids, furunculosis, burns and chilblains.

When used for rituals and spells, mullein can be used for invoking spirits and it also keeps away demons and nightmares while sleeping.

Mullein Herb Specifications:

2 oz package

Comes finely cut


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