Mistletoe is excellent for stress this deep, broad acting, yet calming herb should be considered as a regenerative aid to health, in many cases. The leaves (unlike the berries) are non-toxic and safe.

The Druids held mistletoe in great reverence as a sacred plant that could remove every ill. It was gathered with great ceremony and cut from the tree with a golden knife. These days its wonderful virtues have almost been forgotten, many people think it is poisonous; this being true only of the berries, the leaves however are completely non poisonous and may be taken like any other herb on a regular basis.

Mistletoe has also been shown to help fight cancer, improve circulation, and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

When used in rituals and spells mistletoe can be used for fertility; love; protection; visions, lust, and sex magick.

Mistletoe Magical Herb Specifications:

2 oz package

Comes pre cut

  • Model: HMISC
  • Shipping Weight: 0.15lbs

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