Mandrake Root


In witchcraft and occult practices, mandrake root is a very common and potent herb that witches use as an ingredient to various spells, oils, potions, and ceremonial offerings.

Mandrake root is said to come in male and female "shapes" where male mandrake roots resemble the shape of a human male and the female root resembling the body of a human female.

In particular, the mandrake root is the most powerful herb of love magick, and certainly one of the most deadliest. Ones that resemble a phallus are believed to possess great aphrodisiac qualities and were, at one time, the main ingredient used in Witches' love philtres(potions) despite their highly toxic properties.

Mandrake root can also be used in exorcisms as it is believed that demons cannot tolerate mandrake root and it is poisonous to them. It is not uncommon during ancient exorcisms that whilst a priest was under going an exorcism on an individual that he place a tiny piece of mandrake in their mouths under the tongue. The potent mandrake was meant to help drive out the demon essence from within the individual.Extreme caution should always be exercised when using any part of the mandrake in potions, brews and philtres.

It is a highly toxic plant, and misuse of it can result in sickness, delirium, or a slow and agonizing death.

Mandrake Root Herb can also be used for rituals and spells involving protection, purging negative forces, fertility, increase magical energy, and much more. This herb above all others you can use in your rituals and spells is THE most potent magical herb you can use or find.

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