Magus Herbal Tea


This Lady's Choice Magus Ritual Tea is a magical blend that contains jasmine, cassia bark, mistletoe, rue, star anise, and black tea.

Jasmine-fights viruses and bacteria, preventing thus influenza, cavities and food poisoning, including cholera, dysentery, mouth bacteria damaging teeth and piccoli causing gastric ulcers.

Cassia Bark(cinnamon)-cinnamon can help boost brain function, control blood sugar levels, and has anit-clotting benefits

Mistletoe-Helps circulation, helps lower blood pressure, aids with nervous and endocrine systems, helps with chronic fatigue, can boost metabolism

Rue-helps relieve nervous spasms, and headache. It is also said to ease the discomforts of indigestion, coli, and flatulence, and because Rue contains powerful rutin (which strengthens capillaries), it is not only used to enhance eyesight, but it is also believed to improve cardiovascular health by stimulating Circulation through stronger blood vessels

Star Anise-Carminative, stimulant, stomach to promote digestion and appetite and to relieve flatulence.

Black Tea-aids with blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart. The caffeine in black tea sharpens mental focus and concentration, and the trace element fluoride inhibits tooth decay. Black tea also contains abuindant tannins, astringent chemicals and soothing anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract

Any man should take this tea before they perform rituals, spells, and workings to help boost their energy levels.

Lady's Choice Magus Ritual Tea Specifications:

Loose tea

one package is enough for 5 + cups

Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor`s care

All natural herbs
Package contents are safe for human consumption

  • Model: LTMAGM
  • Shipping Weight: 0.04lbs

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