Jasmine Flowers


Jasmine herb is excellent for eliminating free radicals and in doing so, it prevents some forms of cancer, which also arrests aging. Jasmine also connects with cholesterol and blocks it, decreases level of cholesterol in blood, as well as prevents bad cholesterol, caused by oxidation.

The impact of jasmine herb on circulatory system is even more beneficial, since it is believed to prevent brain strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis and arterial sclerosis. It is good for diabetes prevention and reducing high blood pressure.

In addition, jasmine herb fights viruses and bacteria, preventing thus influenza, cavities and food poisoning, including cholera, dysentery, mouth bacteria damaging teeth and piccoli causing gastric ulcers.

One of the jasmine herb health benefits is to improve intestine conditions by blocking development and growth of bad bacteria and strengthening good bacteria. Connecting with such substances as human waste, meat, fish and breath, the tea prevents odor. Gargling with jasmine herb extract is also believed to be one of the most effective ways to protect oneself from influenza, as the tea performs anti-viral functions.

Apart from such jasmine herb health benefits as prevention of cancer and heart diseases, recent studies show that drinking jasmine tea may fight fat. People who consumed tea with green tea extract during the period of three months lost more fat as compared to those who consumed regular oolong tea. According to researchers, substances found in jasmine tea, known as catechins, trigger weight loss by decreasing body fat and stimulating body to burn calories.

When used in rituals and spells, jasmine herb can attract love, prosperity and money; divination; psychic dreams; and is excellent for charging quartz crystals. Just sprinkle some jasmine herb onto your quartz crystal and place it in a velveteen bag for a period of 24 hours. Your quartz crystal will then be re-energized.

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