Clove Herbs are stimulating and have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties. They are also a natural anesthetic (due to the eugenol oil)

 It is the oil that is derived from the clove herb that is so powerful, and this is often used for medicines both topically and internally. This oil contains compound that helps with blood circulation and can stimulate the skin when applied directly to it.

Clove herbs are a great spice to heal ailments of the digestive system. They are well known for relieving flatulence and can actually help promote good digestion as well as metabolism. Clove herbs may also help relieve vomiting and diarrhea as well as a host of other digestive disorders.

Clove herbs have been known to treat conditions such as scabies, cholera, malaria and tuberculosis. As an antispasmodic it can be applied topically to relieve muscle spasms or in a tea to ease coughing. It can also treat skin problems like styes and sores when applied as an ointment. It is said a paste of milk, salt crystals, and cloves can be a great headache remedy when applied to the forehead.

Clove studded oranges are often used to repel many kinds of insects in tropical climates. Sucking on cloves may even reduce the craving for alcohol

If you use clove herbs in your rituals and spells you can use them for banishing hostile/negative forces; gain what is sought; clear head; gain friendship/love.

Clove Herb Specifications:

2 Oz Package

Comes Whole

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