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Wholesale Inquiries: Wiccan Supplier does offer wholesale to resellers that have a valid TAX ID. After you enter all your information into our data base here on our website(Click "Log in/Register" at the top left of the site and then fill in all the personal information fields), we require that you send us your TAX ID or EIN number through an e-mail at If you are an ebay seller, a professional psychic, or have a business through a flea market a social security number will work.

Once we have reviewed all your information you will then be eligible to purchase our products at wholesale pricing which is 40% off everything on our site. If you are a reseller we only ship through USPS and UPS for wholesale orders. Once we have approved you for wholesale we will notify you via e-mail. When you login to our site all prices will be shown as WHOLESALE.

Once you have been approved you will be notified by us that your account is active. Once you login to our site as a wholesale customer, the wholesale 40% discount will apply to all prices so that the prices that you see are already 40% off retail price.

There is no minimum to buy. You may buy as much or as little as you like.

Wiccan Supplier also has a drop shipping program for any individual or business interested in this means of shipping orders out to your customers. There are NO fees for this service, and if you are drop shipping simply enter your own billing information and then your own customer's shipping address upon check out and we will send out the items and products to your customer for you. Our business name and address does not appear anywhere on the packaging or invoice. Any product damaged or broken upon arrival on a drop ship will need to be returned to US so we can mark it off as damaged. We will either resend the same items to your customer for you and cover the shipping costs or we will issue a full refund to YOU our wholesale customer through paypal or through check by mail. If a drop ship customer receives any items or products that are NOT broken or damaged and is not happy with the product then we will follow your own company policy for refunds or exchanges.

For returns and exchanges we do NOT refund candles, herbs, and oils unless the bottle the oil comes in is broken or cracked. For candles, we will issue refunds only for jar candles but plain candles we do not offer refunds for. All other products may be refunded if received damaged or broken.

Discontinued Products: For discontinued products and items that we are no longer carrying and that you may have already on your web sites and would like to know which of these products and items to remove please contact us at and we will send you our discontinued items and products list through e-mail.

Wiccan Supplier is NOT a physical shop. We have a small warehouse that we work out of where all our business is done and it is not open to the public.