Hera Statue


This Hera Goddess Statue depicts Hera, the queen of the Olympian deities. She is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and wife and sister of Zeus. Hera was mainly worshipped as a goddess of marriage and birth. It is said that each year Hera`s virginity returns by bathing in the well Canathus.

The children of Hera Zeus are the smith-god Hephaestus, the goddess of youth Hebe, and the god of war Ares. According to some sources, however, her children were conceived without the help of a man, either by slapping her hand on the ground or by eating lettuce: thus they were born, not out of love but out of lust and hatred.

This Hera Goddess Statue can be used as a center piece for rituals and spells involving purification.

Hera Goddess Statue Specifications:

Bronze casted

Approx 10 1/4" tall

  • Model: 7852
  • Shipping Weight: 4.1lbs

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