Gemstones in wicca and witchcraft often are used as ritual tools because of the energy they contain within themselves. When gemstones are used properly they can have several benefits to the user, whether you carry them with you(in your pocket) or if they are adorned on jewelry, gemstones can give off a constant energetic vibe from themselves into the wearer and user. Gemstone spheres are excellent to use as body massagers if roll them slowly over your body from head to toe. Gemstone spheres also can increase your divination abilities just by having one besides you as you use your crystal ball, scrying mirror, or pendulum. Worry stones are popular for their ability to soothe and relieve stress from an individual who rubs them with their index finger and thumb. No matter what gemstone you use in your rituals and spells, depending on how they are used, and whether or not you cleanse and recharge them regularly, they can provide an invaluable service within your wiccan supplies and witchcraft supplies.