Florida Water Cologne


Use Florida Water Cologne like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck and protection. As an astringent and skin lotion Florida Water acts with pleasing effects. It contracts with the pores and tones-up the skin
leaving it with a feeling of freshness and radiance.

Florida water cologne is also used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms & heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much & to calm places where an excess of energy is present.

A Short History Lesson:

Florida Water is an American version of the venerable Eau de Cologne, or Cologne Water. It has the same citrus basis as Cologne Water, but shifts the emphasis to sweet orange (rather than the lemon and neroli of the original Cologne Water), and adds spicy notes including lavender and clove. The name probably does not refer to the U.S. state of Florida, but rather to the "flowery" nature of the scent.

Florida Water is also great for hot days. Fill an Igloo Playmate full of ice and water and pour only a couple of ounces of Florida Water in the Igloo. Soak a towel in it and then wipe your face and neck off. It rejuvenates you much more than just plain ice water.

Florida Water Cologne Specifications:
7 fl. oz.

Glass Bottle

  • Model: RFLO7
  • Shipping Weight: 0.44lbs

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