Coltsfoot herb has an excellent record of treating all lung ailments including bronchitis. It contains mucilage and heals the mucous membranes, helping the body expel excess mucous in the lungs.

Make a healing tea for the lungs from coltsfoot magical herb by placing one tablespoon of dried coltsfoot leaves in a pint of water and allowing the mixture to steep for at least thirty minutes. Dip a clean cotton cloth in the warm tea and apply it to the chest directly to help break up phlegm and mucous.

Coltsfoot herb is one of the best herbs for treating coughs - from the common cold to whooping cough. The root of the herb is excellent to use in cough syrups when combined with licorice root or slippery elm bark.

Coltsfoot herb when used as a tea can also be used to treat coughs by applying to the chest and throat directly.

Coltsfoot can be used externally to successfully treat burns and sores of all kinds, including insect bites. It soothes inflammation and swelling. The herb can be made into a poultice or the crushed leaves can be applied directly to the affected area.

If you use coltsfoot herb for your rituals and spells, use them prosperity, wealth, abundance, or even love based rituals and spells.

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