Centaur Statue


Viewed in a duality that matches their form, Centaurs are often considered to possess an untamed nature, embodying the thunder and beauty of a wild herd of horses, leaving them prone to drinking, carousing and even violence, they are also often depicted as wise teachers, like Chiron who was renowned for his knowledge and skill with medicine and was said to have tutored many of the heroes of Greek legend.
This statue seems to embody the wild nature of the Centaur, though wisdom and intelligence can still be seen within his marvelously detailed facial features, contorted in rage as they are. With the lower body of a horse, he rears back, kicking with his hooves as, with the upper body of a man, he brandishes his wide shield and prepares to slash out with his sword.
Made of cold-cast resin, this statue has been painstakingly crafted so as to appear to be created out of bronze, and so that every detail is captured, from the hair upon the Centaur`s chest to the flying hair of his horse-tail. This makes it a fantastic piece for anybody that feels a kinship with this mythical creature, who is both wild and fearsome and a creature of wisdom and healing. It stands approximately 11 1/2" tall and 8 1/2" long, fitting on most desks, altars and book shelves.

  • Model: 8219
  • Shipping Weight: 3.54lbs

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