Taken orally, catnip herbs are most commonly used in connection with anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. Catnip contains a substance, known as nepetalactone, which has a sedative effect in humans.

catnip herbs may also be used to help lessen migraine headaches. Catnip has also been used historically to relieve stomach complaints such as colic, cramps, gas, and indigestion because chemicals in it may have muscle-relaxing, or antispasmodic, effects.

If used topically, catnip herb has often been used to reduce swelling associated with arthritis, hemorrhoids, and soft tissue injuries.

If you use catnip herb for rituals and spells it is very good for creating a psychic bond with animals; power; courage; love and happiness.

Catnip Herb Specifications:

2 Oz Package


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