Bloodroot 4 Oz


Bloodroot is actually an herb; despite its name. That is to say, it is a perennial that grows above the ground with a non-woody stem. However, it is the bloodroot root that is the most useful; also known as sanguinaria canadensis, it is one of the many natural herbs and other botanical products available through Starwest Botanicals, one of the leading bulk herbs suppliers on the World Wide Web.

The flowering part of bloodroot root is native to central and eastern North America from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Distantly related to stinging nettles (which sanguinaria canadensis resembles), it is unique in that it is pollinated not by bees or even birds, but by ants, which carry home the seeds to their nests, where they germinate. Because of its color, sanguinaria canadensis has been used as dye clothing.

Organic herbs are like anything else used as medicine; in small amounts they can be very helpful and conducive to good health; however, used carelessly, many dried herbs and roots can be harmful and even toxic. Bloodroot root is no exception; in small amounts, sanguinaria canadensis tincture may be useful for the treatment of cold symptoms and make for more productive coughs. Some reported uses of bloodroot root powder mixed into a paste and applied to the skin suggests that it is effective as a treatment for skin cancer; however, this is not recommended. People who have attempted this have suffered disfiguring injuries as a result.

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