Banishing Boxed Spell Kit


Have you ever felt as though negative energy clung to you? Or perhaps you felt as though you were the victim of a curse, hex, or jinx spell? Maybe you`ve even felt as though you were tormented by the negative attention of spirits? This ritual kit has been created specifically to provide you with an answer to these problems. Through the instructions provided and with the materials included within the boxed kit, you can work a Banishing ritual that can banish these negative forces from your life.

The ritual kit provides all you need to work a ritual to banish these influences from your life, including:

    * Two charms, including a black cat totem which has long been viewed as a force that can banish evil and evil spirits, and a number 13 horseshoe, which in both shape and number is said to repel negative energies and spirits.>
    * A Protection Ritual Candle, which has been inscribed and ritually charged with energy to help protect you from the negative energy and other influences you seek to banish.
    * A red velveteen bag used within the ritual to aid you in carrying the magic of your spell with you after you have cast it.
    * A 3/4 oz packet of Banishing spell mix; a herbal spell mix that utilizes herbs particularly useful in banishing negative energies and spirits.
    * Charcoal, used in burning your herbal spell mix during your ritual.
    * A 3/4 oz packet of Purification spell mix; an herbal spell mix created specifically to help ritually purify yourself so that your ritual can function to its fullest power, without negative, outside influences.
    * A small cotton bag to keep your Purification spell mix gathered, and mess-free when you use it.
    * And instructions specifically created to help beginners and experienced practitioners alike through their ritual, no matter which path or tradition of magic they come from.


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