Arnica herb contains sesquiterpene lactones, substances that are known to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Arnica prevents bruising by keeping stimulating the white blood cells to disperse trapped blood and fluid from the site of injury. Arnica’s effectiveness as a treatment for bruising, sports injuries, and inflammation is well established and many commercial creams used for treatment of pain, bruising, and swelling contain arnica as an active ingredient. Arnica creams are also used to treat pain and inflammation resulting from carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Arnica herbs can also be used externally to treat tired, overstressed muscles. One study performed in Norway showed that marathon runners who applied arnica to their skin before the event experienced less pain and stiffness afterward. Arnica is a relaxing addition to the bath, and has been shown to be particularly helpful for soaking tired, aching feet.

Arnica’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect may be of some benefit to those with inflammatory skin disorders. This herb is traditionally used as a topical treatment for burns, eczema, and acne. However, arnica should not be applied to an open wound, as it could cause painful irritation.

Arnica Herbs are excellent in rituals and spells involving protection especially against psychic attacks. The best use for the Arnica Herb is to place it in a velveteen bag and and wear it as a necklace or carry it with you in your pocket or purse. 

Arnica herbs are only recommended only for external use due to the seriousness of overdose when taken internally that can lead to vomiting, weakness, and increased heart rate.

Arnica Herb Specifications:

2 oz Package

Comes pre-chopped

Recommended only for EXTERNAL USE


  • Model: HARNW
  • Shipping Weight: 0.13lbs

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