Alexandrite Crystal Ball 50mm


This Alexandrite Crystal Ball, is traditionally accepted that alexandrite represents mental clarity which is why the alexandrite crystal ball is such a good color to use for divination.

Common Alexandrite gemstones change color from green to light reddish-purple. Green is the color of revival, hope, prosperity, rest, peace, calm, and fertility. The red of alexandrite connotes energy, activity, self-expression, power, aggression and passion. It would seem that the combination that exists in alexandrite reflects the duality of human nature as exemplified by love and jealousy existing side-by-side or even in the very same place. The daytime color of alexandrite equates to luck and good fortune, while its nighttime appearance is more closely associated with love.

These Alexandrite crystal balls do not change color to green, they are a constant shade of light purplish-red to represent mental clarity for use in divination.

Alexandrite Crystal Ball Specifications:

50mm Size(2" Diameter)

60% Leaded Gladd 40% Crystal

  • Model: FC50AL
  • Shipping Weight: 0.55lbs

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