Agrimony is such a potent herb because of the tannins within. The medicinal uses of agrimony are extensive. When sipped as a tea, for example, agrimony will help control the loose stools of diarrhea. Once cooled, the tea works as a throat gargle to reduce inflammation and relieve sore throat pain.

Agrimony is given to help people accept and come to terms with the darker side of life and their own personalities, so that they can become more rounded human beings. As a mood remedy, Agrimony is said to help enchance mood and soothe the mind from the darker throughts that form.

It is said that Agrimony magical herb protects against evil entities, and even poison.

It is thought when agrimony magical herb is aged, witches and other magical beings have this herb in both protection, exorcism, and divination however it can also be used in negativity magic and the black arts depending on your intentions.

Agrimony Herb Specifications:

2 Oz package

Finely Cut

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