Adam And Eve Wash


Adam And Eve Wash is a ritual bath and floor wash to attract love.

Adams and Eve wash can help you attract love in your life in a variety of ways. If you apply this ritual bath oil into your bath water and soak in it, visualize love being drawn to you like a magnet. Focus on the energies of love and what it feels like to be in love and the Adam and Eve wash will strengthen this energy two fold.

If use as a floor wash, Adam and Eve wash will attract more love into your home. We suggest that you use it by the front door of your home, this way love can enter your household.

Adam and Eve appear in many books besides Genesis, such as the Quran, the Life of Adam and Eve, the Talmud, and Gnostic texts. Jewish tradition sometimes includes reference to other wives of Adam's.

Paul of Tarsus presents Jesus Christ as a "new Adam" who brings life instead of death. The serpent of the Garden of Eden in Christian theology represents Satan, and the Fall (the eating of the forbidden fruit) establishes original sin. Muslims regard Adam as the first prophet.

Adam And Eve Wash Specifications:

8 oz.

Plastic Bottle

  • Model: RWADA
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs

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