Sweet Orange Essential Oil 2 dram


Sweet Orange Oil provides the sweet, citrus fragrance one might expect
of an oil derived from the natural oils found within the Sweet Orange.
Delightful whether it is worn, or used with other items to disperse the
aroma through whatever environment one wishes. Beyond this aesthetically
pleasing method of use, it also offers a variety of uses in spells and
ritual, being a potent aid in those spells that seek the peace,
providing a calm and serenity to those who use it for this. Further, it
can be used in many spells and rituals to empower their purpose,
amplifying the effect that one is seeking. In this way, it is sometimes
viewed as an aid in turning luck to your side in whatever endeavor you
wish to undertake. Some traditions also hold that it is particularly
useful in love spells intended to attract men, or in those rituals
intended to create peace and harmony. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure
essential oil, for external use only.

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