Celtic Ruby Necklace


If you thought that the classic Celtic triquetra knot couldn't get any
more appealing, then think again! This lovely Knotted Triquetra Celtic
Necklace modifies and enhances this classic knot in a few new ways to
give it a lovely new look for all to enjoy. In a small way, you could
almost consider this pendant a bit of an optical illusion, if only
because it nests one triquetra within another, while also linking the
two together, so that sometimes, you see one, sometimes you see two, and
other times, you see more. This pendant is, at its core, a loosely
found Celtic knot that features the iconic three-fold triquetra at its
center, while its metallic twists and turns create many more shapes,
including additional triquetra emblems. Three little red jewels act as
accents to the necklace as well, two along the upper curves and one at
the bottom curve of the necklace. The pendant is made entirely in fine
lead-free pewter metal, which gives it a handsome silver metal gleam,
while also ensuring that it is fully safe to wear. It comes complete
with a silver-metal chain for quick, convenient, and easy wearing. If
you're into Celtic design, you don't have to wear the same old knots
over and over again. Instead, pick up something like this Knotted
Triquetra Celtic Necklace and rotate in something new? You won't regret
it, especially not when people take the time to admire the beauty of
this pendant.

  • Model: J372
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs

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