Celtic Dragon Incense Burner


Theres no better way to enjoy a nice stick of incense then with a nice incense burner. And if your idea of appealing designs includes dragons and attractive Celtic knots, then the Celtic Dragon Incense Burner might just be your 'nice incense burner'. This incense burner is quite simple, if examined beyond the details and the designs, it is simply a long trough that has been tastefully decorated with Celtic knots. One end is slightly raised, on this little raised edge is a detailed dragon statue that sits menacingly, watching and waiting as any incense placed in the burner slowly burns to asha favorite past-time of dragons, strangely enough. Made from cold cast resin, this attractive little incense burner has been hand painted to look like dark stone, a cosmetic effect that combines quite nicely with the Celtic designs and the dragon statue. For you or anyone you know who loves incense, the Celtic Dragon Incense Burner is an attractive yet unobtrusive little incense burner that goes great in virtually any room of any home.

Made from Hand Painted Cold Cast Resin

Length: 10 Inches

  • Model: 8268
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs

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